Greetings from sunny Newport, Rhode Island. Town has been as busy as ever, and the waterfront is full of action.

If you’ve wondered about chartering during this pandemic summer, yes, we are booking charters for families wanting to vacation and social distance safely. Yachts have Covid protocols, and crew are Covid tested regularly. Charter guests are asked to arrive with a recent negative Covid test as well. Private yachts continue to be a safe, controlled option for vacationing.

Looking forward, most major boat shows are cancelled due to the inability to control social distancing, but private yacht charters continue to book. There is no prediction for what this winter season will be like regarding chartering.

We can tell you that any charter booked will also have a Covid 19 addendum attached to the charter contract allowing both owner and charterer to either cancel without penalty or re-book without penalty should the virus prevent the charter from happening.

If you’re thinking of a winter charter, please contact us for available options.
Most of all, please stay safe. Sandy Carney